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The Journey Begins: A Day of Hope at Avenues Recovery of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Shlomo Hoffman
Aug 17, 2020

Avenues Recovery launched their commitment to spreading hope in the Fort Wayne community with a rousing grand opening event on Wednesday. Hundreds were on hand to tour the beautifully renovated residential addiction treatment facility and to experience firsthand our investment in Fort Wayne.

Mayor Tom Henry addresses the crowd

Whitney Straight, Executive Director of Avenues and a beloved resident of Fort Wayne, mc’d the event and imbued the event with her positive energy. After a short message outlining the Avenues mission from our founder and CEO, Hudi Alter, Marketing Director Russ Francome explained some of the difficulties facing people struggling with addiction in receiving good treatment and reiterated the Avenues commitment to helping every person knocking on our doors.

In his remarks to the crowd, Mayor Tom Henry invoked the enduring story of Alice in Wonderland. When Alice reached the fork in the road and wondered which way to go, she was told it depends on where she is going.

“I don’t know where I am going.” Alice responded.

“Well, then any road will take you there.’’

He spoke of how many people are searching for the right road to take, and how Avenues is here to guide them to the right road for them to find their way home.

Ellen Cutter, VP of Economic Development at Greater Fort Wayne Inc.  stood at the podium next and talked about winning. Winning in terms of taking a vacant 33,000 square foot building on a major local corridor and turning it into an invaluable community resource. But more importantly, winning in terms of people.

“Community development is about creating opportunities for every man, woman, and child to find their path to lifelong prosperity,” she said, “and we thank Avenues for investing in that goal for Fort Wayne.”  

After a ceremonial ribbon cutting, the fun began in earnest.  

Custom masks, declaring that “Sobriety is Contagious” were handed out to each participant, and in strict compliance with Covid-19 social distancing protocols, Whitney and her staff led a walkthrough of the building.  Majic 95.1 had the crowd tapping their toes in beat to the music, and complimentary refreshments were handed out by The Weenie Wagon and Baby Got S’mac.  

 Local icon Theoplis Smith, a.k.a. Phresh Laundry, wowed the assembled with his live painting portrayal of perseverance and teamwork unfolding before our eyes in real time. His work will be proudly displayed in our common room and inspire all who make their way through our program.

It was a foundational day on 2626 Fairfield Avenue, and a harbinger of great things to come. A day of friendship, of aspiration, and of forging a path forward. Together.

We were warmed by the embrace of a neighborhood and their belief in our program and its ability to make real impact on the community. Avenues Recovery is eager to earn its place as a vital part of the flourishing landscape of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are grateful to all attendees who made the day such a great success and can’t wait to get started!

Folks searching for the way home will surely find it at Avenues Recovery Centers, with the partnership of the great city of Fort Wayne, Indiana and its remarkable citizens. The power of hope and the investment of community makes miracles.

Believe it!

Since joining the Avenues Recovery content team, Shlomo has become a thought leader in the addiction field. His popular addiction podcast "Rubber Bands" is a must listen for anyone involved in Substance abuse treatment. He is a Seinfeld junkie, a recovering Twitter fanatic, and a sports expert. He enjoys milk shakes and beautiful views from rooftops.

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