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Marijuana Addiction

Understanding Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana ranks as the most illicit yet commonly used drug. For years, it had been an illegal substance, but recently, many states, including the U.S, have come to legalize the use of cannabis. It is important to understand marijuana, how it causes addiction, and the dangers of it’s abuse.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the seeds, stems, flowers, and dried leaves of the cannabis indica or cannabis sativa plant. You will find nearly 500 hundred chemicals in this psychoactive drug. The THC compound alone in marijuana is mind-altering and can be disastrous for an individual’s health.

Marijuana contains the THC-delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol chemical. This psychoactive compound is responsible for producing the psychoactive feeling that people experience after smoking marijuana. Since the past decade, we have seen certain advances in the cultivation of the Cannabis sativa plant.

As a result of these advances, THC concentrations have increased from 4.56% to 11.75%. The high potency means we have more causes for concern and social acceptance only means approving certain dangers that come as part of marijuana.

How is Marijuana consumed?

You will see people consuming marijuana in a variety of forms: some use vaporizers that pull the THC from the drug, others smoke it in blunts, water pipes, or pipes, while some others use hand-rolled cigarettes. Nowadays, many people even use marijuana in food items, such as lattes, cookies, brownies, etc.

What is Marijuana called on the street?

Marijuana’s overwhelming popularity has led to a multitude of street names for the substance. Below is a list of some of the most popular.

  • Pot.
  • Weed.
  • Grass.
  • 420.
  • Ganga.
  • Dope.
  • Herb.
  • Reefer.
  • Mary Jane.
  • Skunk.

Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse

  • Mild paranoia
  • Panic reactions
  • High doses cause acute depressive reactions
  • Individuals can suffer impairments of reaction time and motor control
  • Each stage of a person’s memory can suffer disruption
  • Learning impairments
  • Cognitive functioning impairments

Rise in Marijuana Addiction

Since its social acceptance, there has been a significant rise in marijuana addiction cases. Some of these include a host of diagnostic criteria and symptoms of addictions. Some befitting examples include withdrawal syndrome, tolerance, unsuccessful efforts to reduce the drug’s consumption, and persistent craving for the substance.

In most Western countries that have legalized this drug, the widespread use is responsible for the reports of more than half of 21-year-olds using the drug since 1970.

Health Risks of Marijuana Addiction

Below are some of the long-term adverse effects of marijuana:

  1. Mental Health

Many studies link marijuana consumption to psychotic episodes, suicide planning, anxiety, and depression. Although one cannot claim for sure that marijuana itself is the cause of these conditions, the likelihood should be enough for caution.

  • Brain Health

Social acceptance of the drug has increased the number of youngsters using it. The resultant effect is permanent I.Q. Loss, nearly by 8 points at a young age.  The worst part is that even if youngsters stop consumption, the I.Q. Points will never return.

  • Driving Hazards

Driving under the influence of marijuana is extremely dangerous. The drug can cause difficulty reacting to sounds and signals on the road, decreased coordination, lane weaving, slower reactions, and other hazardous driving-related effects.

  • Athletic Performance

Users’ athletic performance and movement can suffer due to marijuana consumption. Research indicates that marijuana can negatively affect timing, coordination, and movement, thereby impacting performance.

  • Daily Life

Marijuana consumption certainly has a significant impact on individuals’ optimal performance and the quality of their lives. Research proves that marijuana addicts suffer from poor educational outcomes, relationship problems, low levels of life satisfaction, and low to zero career achievements.

  • Baby’s Development and Health

If women use marijuana during pregnancy, it can cause serious consequences for them and the baby. For example, drug use may cause fetal growth restrictions, cause complications with brain development, and result in stillbirth or premature birth.

It can also cause poor cognitive function and hyperactivity, while THC and other chemicals may pass on to the child from the mother’s milk. All in all, a child’s healthy development suffers a great deal due to the mother’s substance abuse.

Marijuana Use In Indiana

Marijuana use is on the rise as many states have legalized and socially accepted its use. From youngsters to pregnant women, addiction to the drug runs rampant. What many fail to acknowledge is the permanent health damage that marijuana can cause.

A recent study showed that in 2018, over 15% of Indiana residents over the age of 12 tried marijuana, with people at the ages of 18 to 25 were using at a rate of over 35%.

While some aspects of marijuana use has become more socially accepted, there are still many long and short term dangers with it’s use. Addiction to the substance is widespread as well. For this reason, while many states may have legalized the substance, THC and Marijuana remain illegal at the federal level.

Treating Marijuana Addiction at Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Avenues Recovery Center is a leading addiction treatment provider in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you or a loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction, our team of empathetic professionals can help. Tailored treatment plans, a warm community atmosphere, and a beautiful facility in the heart of the Fort Wayne neighborhood all contribute to our track record of achieving lasting sobriety for our clients. Avenues Recovery is committed to being a valuable resource in the fight against addiction in the state of Indiana. Come see us today!

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