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Ketamine Addiction In Indiana

Table of Contents

  1. What is Ketamine
  2. What is Ketamine called on the street
  3. How does ketamine smell
  4. How it looks
  5. Abuse and effects
  6. Consequences
  7. How it feels
  8. Club Drug Ketamine Addiction in Indiana
  9. Ketamine and Cocaine- A polydrug
  10. Ketamine Addiction Treatment at Avenues Recovery Indiana

Indiana authorities have been actively fighting the rapidly expanding recreational abuse of ketamine. Ketmaine is an anesthetic agent and also potently dissociative. A high dosage of this substance causes a rush of euphoria which sends abusers into a trance-like state.

Other reactions that occur with ketamine abuse are the feelings of detachment from one’s body and an urge to cause harm to oneself. Being an anesthetic drug, authorities in Indiana State realize the danger abusers expose themselves to, by actively consuming this substance.

What is Ketamine

Ketamine is an anesthetic substance that is most popular for the hallucinogenic effects it can cause. As mentioned, Ketamine is a recreationally abused drug and in 2018, it caused approximately 1,104 deaths in Indiana alone. Over time, this substance’s abuse has been gaining even more momentum in other states as well and around the world.

Ketamine can potentially alter an abuser’s ability to perceive sounds and sights, give them a false sense of power and control etc. It can trigger feelings of self-harm and also make the abuser feel detached from their own body. It renders a person incapable of feeling any pain and of the ability of connecting with the world around.

When scientists created this substance, it’s main function was to be a pain reliever and an anesthetic. It earned the approval of FDA too for the same reasons but soon after its effects became popular, Ketamine became a club drug.

It is now a commonly abused drug in many of the youth clubs. Indiana authorities have been conducting crackdowns on the same in an effort to combat the menace. If anyone makes it a regular habit to consume high doses of Ketamine, they can most likely suffer near-death experiences.

For most abusers, the primary attraction of abusing this substance is that utter bliss they feel after the intake. In most common cases, doctors employ Ketamine when they have to sedate children or animals. It is specially usable for those children who tend to have adverse reactions to other anesthetic substances or during burn therapy and radiation.

What Ketamine is called on the street

Ketamine is an anesthetic substance that is most popular for the hallucinogenic effects it can cause. Many refer to this substance by its other names too, which include:

  • Vitamin k
  • Dorothy
  • Cat valium
  • Kit Kat
  • Special k

How Ketamine smells

Ketamine is comparatively a mild anesthetic agent and is generally colorless and odorless. Hence, healthcare professionals prefer this over stronger anesthetics. It is generally the better choice in situations where sedation is necessary or when a patient cannot tolerate very strong anesthetics.

You must also note that Ketamine falls under the schedule III controlled substance category. This means that it belongs to the same category as anabolic steroids or codeine, the same substances that cause psychological and physical dependence.

Ketamine tends to produce a very short-lived high, which is why abusers build up tolerance for this substance so quickly. When abusers chase the high feeling characteristic of this substance, they keep increasing the doses as a consequence.

How Ketamine looks

Since this substance is illegal in Indiana and other states too, one can only obtain it through a doctor’s prescription. Illegal sale and consumption of Ketamine has risen in the past recent years and now abusers consume it in several forms. These include:

  • As a liquid which the abusers inject
  • As a pill
  • As an off-white or white powder, which they snort or dissolve in water and gulp down.

Ketamine- Abuse and Effects

We mentioned how the substance under question is hallucinogenic and a dissociative tranquilizer. It’s primary attraction is the trance-like state, the initial high rush, a full-body buzz and a significant sense of relaxation.

However, it is important to note that the initial high rush that the abusers find irresistible is quite short-lived and lasts an hour at most. This is why most abusers resort to high doses and keeps increasing them with time. The same act however, leads to an effect that we refer to as K-hole.

In this effect, the abuser experiences an out-of-body or rather a near-death experience. They feel totally immune to the world around them, to reality and to their own pain. This feeling of numbness is largely why this drug abuse is so harmful, because it can lead the users to accidents and serious injuries.

Users also become incapable of judging how much of the substance is too much. We can blame the unpredictable nature of the substance or how it clouds one’s judgment for this lack of sense. The problem with this drug is that even experts can find it challenging to perceive its nature.

Consequences of Ketamine Abuse

At times, it can lead to an overdose if a person consumed only a small quantity of it, especially if they’d been abusing other drugs simultaneously too. Since many users strive to attain the K-hole effect, they suffer accidental overdoses in the process.

Due to this very reason, many cases of complete mobility loss of have occurred as a result of overdosing. What makes the situation even more dangerous is that it impairs the abuser totally, so much that they become unable to call for help too.

In Indiana, many cases of ketamine overdose have resulted in deaths from respiratory failure too. Some of the most likely side effects of this substance include:

  • Cognitive impairment or difficulties for the long term
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Flashbacks
  • Respiratory issues and even failure in overdose
  • Muscle rigidity
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased or erratic heart rate

How it feels

While the high feeling does not last beyond an hour, the adverse physical effects of this substance’s abuse can stretch longer. For example, even if a user consumes only a small quantity of the drug for a shorter time period, the physical effects of the dose can last for 24 hours.

Different amounts of this substance produce different levels of high. For instance, the medicinal dose of this substance is around one or two milligrams for each kg of the person’s body weight. When the person intakes the prescribed medicinal amount, he/she can experience a high only from a fraction of it.

Thus, one can figure that different quantities of the drug will cause different levels of high for the users. A low dose will cause a milder high, along with milder hallucinations. Numbness and heightened senses will also accompany these effects.

On the contrary, if someone consumes a larger quantity of ketamine, they will suffer vivid hallucination, more high sensations, short-term memory loss, mobility issues and possibly a near-death experience. The following can also occur consequentially:

  • Nausea
  • Stiffened muscles
  • More saliva
  • Dilated pupils
  • Tears
  • Uncontrolled eye movement

If one consumes very high doses of the substance, they can experience slowed breathing and even fall unconscious. As anyone can figure, these are utterly dangerous and life-threatening consequences.

The safest administration of ketamine happens only in a medical setting, under the firm supervision of doctors. They provide low doses of the drug to a person over longer periods, to prevent the potentially high addictive feeling.

Club Drug Ketamine Addiction in Indiana

Ketamine abuse has gained momentum over the past recent years as a “club drug” in Indiana. However, comparatively it still remains the lesser abused substance but the problem still exists nonetheless. In 2017, the Center for Health Policy published a report that uncovered the extent of substance abuse in the state.

The report claimed that tobacco and alcohol continue to be the most rampant substances that abusers are actively consuming since ten years in Indiana. It further describes how the state has suffered devastating impacts because of the opioid epidemic.

These also include pain medications and heroin. The same year had seen increased deaths from overdose and also increased admissions for treatment against addiction. The report also outlined the significant economic impact that occurred due to substance abuse.

Many addictions in this state also begin with recreational drug consumption, in which ketamine plays a major role. Ketamine hails from a group of psychoactive substances, which we refer to as club drugs and which include MDMA and GHB.

Ketamine and Cocaine- A polydrug

The most common class of individuals that are active abusers of club drugs is the working professionals and the young adults. A cocktail featuring a mix of cocaine and ketamine has come to be known as the “Calvin Klein“. Such a mixture is highly dangerous and poses significant risks of overdoses and near-death or out-of-body experiences. Just a couple of years ago, in London, the deadly combination claimed the life of a young violin prodigy Katya Tsukanova.

Based on all this data, Indiana has actively designed treatment programs for polydrug abuse. If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, you must meet relevant experts. It is also imperative to consider the extensive counseling methods available, to suit your individual needs.

However, with the active and remarkable efforts of authorities, Indiana now has several addiction treatment programs that cater to each person.

Ketamine Addiction Treatment at Avenues Recovery Indiana

Ketamine is an anesthetic substance and primarily came into existence as a pain reliever and for sedation. Doctors rely on this anesthetic agent for patients where sedation is necessary but who are not capable of withstanding more powerful sedative substances.

Avenues Recovery at Fort Wayne offers premier treatment for ketamine addiction. A warm community, personalized treatment planning, and a team of wonderful and highly skilled addiction professionals all converge to offer a real chance to set firm roots for lasting recovery. If you or your loved one are struggling with Ketamine addiction, reach out today and become a member of the Avenues family.

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