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Shlomo Hoffman

Since joining the Avenues Recovery content team, Shlomo has become a thought leader in the addiction field. His popular addiction podcast "Rubber Bands" is a must listen for anyone involved in Substance abuse treatment. He is a Seinfeld junkie, a recovering Twitter fanatic, and a sports expert. He enjoys milk shakes and beautiful views from rooftops.

By Shlomo Hoffman
Feb 15, 2021
Captain Kevin Hunter: Thinking Different, Making a Difference

Fort Wayne Police Department Chief of Narcotics, Kevin Hunter joins the Avenues Recovery Rubber Bands... Read more

By Shlomo Hoffman
Dec 07, 2020
Updated 2021: Fort Wayne Substance Abuse and Overdose Statistics

Table of contents: About the data, and how to download it Where are the drugs... Read more

By Shlomo Hoffman
Sep 22, 2020
Inside Indiana Business & Avenues Recovery

Avenues Recovery has brought its signature addiction treatment and unparalleled community-based care to the state of Indiana. Our... Read more

By Shlomo Hoffman
Aug 17, 2020
The Journey Begins: A Day of Hope at Avenues Recovery of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Avenues Recovery launched their commitment to spreading hope in the Fort Wayne community with a... Read more

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