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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

A Leading Northeastern Indiana Alcohol Addiction Treatment Provider

Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a detox and residential rehab facility offering those suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder a genuine reason for hope. We are an empathetic and warm community in Northern Indiana. At Avenues, clients receive personalized care and support from professionals at the top of the alcohol addiction field in the framework of a supportive community.  

Understanding Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment for alcohol abuse at Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Alcohol is the most abused substance in the United States as well as in the state of Indiana. As a socially accepted mind-altering substance, it is found at all gatherings and every party and has caused alcohol abuse to become widespread. Alcoholism is very often denied by those afflicted. Many people are entirely unaware that they have a problem and therefore don’t even think about getting alcohol addiction treatment. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reported in 2018 that over 14 million adults suffer from alcoholism and less than 10 percent seek treatment.   

What begins as a seemingly harmless form of relaxation can quickly become an uncontrollable craving and can be used as a way to self-medicate. Alcohol first works as if it is a stimulant, causing joy and a loss of inhibition. After a few drinks it has the opposite effect, impairing mind function and decision-making abilities, causing the body to slow down. It is therefore considered a depressant.

Using Increases Tolerance

As with many other drugs, continued use of alcohol builds up tolerance. Where you used to need two drinks to feel a buzz and gain peace, you now may need five. As someone becomes more and more dependent on alcohol to get through the day, it evolves into addiction and alcoholism.  It leads to real dysfunction, damaging relationships and careers.

Avenues Recovery Center at Fort Wayne in Northeastern Indiana is a detox and residential addiction treatment center focused on helping people leave the harmful cycle of alcoholism. At Avenues, clients will find a safe place of community and healing, while learning skills and methods needed to fix the bad habits they have become used to during their battle with the disease of alcoholism.  Our staff of empathetic professionals will partner with each client, drawing up a treatment plan while considering individual strengths and backgrounds, laying the groundwork for sustainable recovery.

Why Choose Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Avenues Recovery Center

Getting alcoholism treatment at Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne Indiana

Recovery from alcohol addiction requires treatment. Alcoholism is a disease and ignored symptoms can lead to irreparable damage and in some cases death. Serious medical conditions like liver disease and heart failure are linked to alcohol abuse as well as a long list of many other illnesses. Furthermore, the toll alcoholism takes on families, relationships, and financial stability are heartbreaking. Legal trouble and homelessness dot the destructive trail of uncontrolled drinking.  

Finding an honest, professional and caring alcohol addiction treatment provider is the most important step an alcoholic can take in climbing out of the despair and regaining a productive lifestyle they can be proud of.

 When a person decides to enroll in alcohol addiction treatment at Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne Indiana, the journey of recovery has begun. Conveniently placed in the heart of northeastern Indiana and readily available to residents of area suburbs, Avenues Recovery is an alcohol detox and residential rehab facility that refuses to give up on the potential of every human life.

Avenues Facilities

Great effort has been taken to design a facility that makes it easy to focus on the important task at hand. Recreational amenities, light and airy spaces, and delicious and nutritious food all combine to create an atmosphere of peace and reflection. The gorgeous surroundings of Hoosier country and Fort Wayne contribute to the serene environment at Avenues Recovery Center.

Employing evidence-based treatment programs and creating strong community environments while never losing sight of the needs of every individual, our rehab programs have enjoyed success rates unheard of in the field. 

Avenues Staff and Community

From the moment a client enters alcoholism treatment at Avenues Recovery Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, intake experts will provide a warm welcome. They will make sure to hear your voice while gathering all the information necessary to ensure that your stay at Avenues and personalized treatment plan will be of maximum benefit. A spirit of communication and partnership is immediately established and continues throughout the treatment process. There is constant observation too see if the plan to overcome alcohol addiction is working for each specific person and all resources available are applied to help clients get to where they need to be.

Phases of Treatment

Detox is usually the first phase of alcohol addiction treatment at the Indiana site of Avenues Recovery detox and residential addiction treatment center. There is 24-hour supervision of expert medical professionals who closely manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms and create a feeling of safety and comfort. Once detox comes to a satisfactory close, a residential program at the same location is immediately available for those under our care. The benefits of continuing addiction recovery in the very same place where the client has already experienced such devotion and built a relationship of trust is very valuable. The understandable fears and insecurity one might feel entering treatment are decreased when there is strong level of chemistry previously established.

Avenues Recovery at Fort Wayne works hard to build a sense of friendship and community for clients sharing the path to recovery. Participating as a team and encouraging communication between peers removes the feelings of isolation people in alcohol addiction recovery may feel. Working out, playing basketball and field trips are examples of shared activities provided by Avenues enjoyed by members of our community.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs We Offer

Treatment programs provided at Avenues Recovery Center at Fort Wayne, Indiana

Each sufferer of Alcohol Use Disorder has unique challenges and struggles. Everyone needs alcohol addiction treatment programs personalized to utilize their individual strengths and address their personal needs. Avenues offers many different therapy modalities and plan is made for each client. With years of experience in the field and matchless dedication, the success rates of sustained recovery are off the charts.

Alcohol addiction therapy at Avenues Recovery of northeastern Indiana, is comprised of Detoxification, Residential Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient Programs (OP).

There are several methods and therapies used to treat alcohol use disorder at Avenues. Identifying triggers, learning coping skills, and building social awareness are all important therapy targets. We prepare our clients for reentry to the outside world and resumption of productive lifestyles.

There is also counseling offered for family members or loved ones of people suffering from alcohol addiction. Avenues Recovery in Indiana understands the significance of the important people in a client’s life. Their need to be equipped to help loved ones on their journey is a priority to our team.

Therapies employed at Avenues include the following:

  • Detoxification
  • Medication management (Medication-assisted treatment when deemed appropriate)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • CBT Therapy
  • Family counseling and therapy

Avenues representatives are always available for family members or people suffering from alcoholism to answer any questions regarding treatment and the treatment process. Picking up the phone can mean all the difference.

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